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Submission to OtherTees, Yetee and now Nowhere Bad

Update 28/8/12
So a few changes to the design. I made the eyes of the Vader symbol on the logo the same blue as the rest, instead of the white it had been.

Here’s the new image, in the submission file I sent.
Nowhere Bad Visa/Vader

Next up I submitted it to Nowhere Bad, they have a lot of geek related content, a lot of typographic related content and a lot of specifically Star Wars related content. So there should be no good reason eh!?

When I submitted it, they even flashed me up a nice form message of confirmation. A slight personal touch, appreciated.

Nowhere Bad confirmation


I forgot to update this with the Yetee info too, so here it is. This was rejected earlier than the new Nowhere Bad submission.
It was rejected after a reasonable amount of time and they even sent this very pleasant email letting me down gently. Classy

Hi Firepower,

We looked over your submission titled \”More People \”go\” with Vader\”.

We talked it over and decided that it isn\’t right for The Yetee right now. I hope you\’re not too bummed, we can\’t print them all.

We encourage you to keep working on your designs, and keep on making submissions.

Glen and Mike


Yetee Submission Visa/Vader



And there it is in less than 24 hours this has been rejected by OtherTees.

I guess you can’t win them all…..or if you’re me, and submission websites, any of them.

Good thing I’m not a quitter.

Visa Declinded

Well I thought I’d detail some of the ins & outs of tshirt design here on my blog, in this instance going through the submission process.
This is for a new piece of mine called “More People “Go”” and is based on the Visa brand and slogan.

I submitted it to Yetee, who rejected it, although in fairness it was one of the more pleasant thsirt rejections I’ve received.  So I’ll have no problems submitting more designs to Yetee in the future.

Anyway, this submission has now just been sent to OtherTees. I recently got a “not interested” response from them (on another design) which isn’t all that productive to hear. But I guess maybe they were po’d because they declined it, and I submitted it again straight away.  Although in my defense it was because it was my first submission through them and I didn’t really get their submission system. (it wasn’t all that intuitive shhhh)

Anyway so here’s the slogan:

I started off wanting to make it closer to the original by spelling it like “Vada” but some feedback on it apparently stated that people didn’t read it as a strong “a”. They were seeing it as Vah Dah. So I just replicated his full name. But here’s the original for you here.


Here’s the amended version.

Visa/Vader final

And finally here’s the submission template that I sent to OtherTees. I’ll update this post if there is any news on whether it gets through (yay) or they spit it back to me (boo).

Visa/Vader sub


Profiled at Piddley Pix!

Piddley Pix feature

Redbubble Feature Three

So to continue with the features of sellers on RedBubble and their Produce, now comes the turn of Firepower!

Here are the best bits (in my eyes, there are plenty more to choose from!)

Piddley Pix is a blog site, here’s their “About”:

Piddley Pix is a family run business and we love to draw! We produce hand drawn and digitally painted pictures – some of which are Limited Editions! At Piddley Pix we are always open to bespoke work and commissions, so if you want that extra something special just for your little treasures, please feel free to contact us

You can follow them on twitter at: @piddleypix

Shirtoid presense!

Thrilled that I got one of my designs on Shirtoid, first time!

Shirtoid Game Of Bones

Good Against a Living

Look, good against remotes is one thing.
Good against the living? That’s something else.
Just simply one of my favorite quotes from A New Hope by Han. A pretty cool little gadget too and fun to draw.

Good Against a Living lines

Good Against a Living tshirt

A More Civilied Age

This was a spin off of my Sky(Fall)Walker piece.

Civilized Age

Firepower Tees First promotion!

Facebook Game Of Thrones Sticker give-away promotion


I whipped this one up in one day as inspiration hit me like a ton of bricks.
Bond and Star Wars together, that’s a geek dream!!

I submitted this one to Ript Apparel so we’ll see if it gets anywhere. Fingers crossed for me!

Here’s the lightsabre detail.

skyfallwalker WP detail

T-shirt Spotlight feature interview

Another T-shirt review site has interviewed me and here it is.

T-shirt spotlight banner

What have you learned about the business?
I’ve learned I probably have a lot more to learn. Like I really really need to learn how to do halftones and maybe simplify a bit. I really have detailed works which is ok for places like Redbubble but I need fewer colour if I want to break into the likes of Threadless or Teefury etc.

tshirt spotlight my banner

Game of Jones

Here’s the latest in my installments of Game of Thrones related parody pieces. I don’t know how many more of these I have in me!

This one was really fun though, who doesn’t love Indiana Jones!

Here’s the development. Which started with taking the lines of previous Game of Thrones pieces I’d done and adapting it. Here’s the areas that needed adaptation. I wanted to have direct control of each of these new and old areas, so i did them in different colours in different groups/layers.

Game of Jones lines 1
Next I turn those lines to black and start blocking in colour. I’ve also added in lines for Indy’s artifacts below him. The Grail and the Chachapoyan fertility idol (bet you didn’t know that was the name of it!).

Game of Jones lines/colour start

Here I’ve blocked in full colour all the base colour. As you can see I’ve also lost his satchel bag, imagining its behind him or something, in favor of adding in his artifacts alone.

Game of Jones colour 2

Here’s the start of shading. You can see shadow under his hat of his skin tone and under his neck.

Game of Jones colour 3

Here you see colour added all over and the artifacts too plus I added his third artifact.

Game of Jones colour 4

Then I redid his sword, exported it to photoshop to drop in the Throne background i was using.

Here’s a closeup of the artifacts.
Game of Jones artifact detail
Here’s the final version. Super fun to do Indy, I hope you enjoy.

Game of Jones final

The Stark Lord

Here’s my follow up to the earlier piece Darth Stark, seen here.

Darth Stark final

Here are some development points first, you can see where I’ve isolated a hand to come to later. I’ve also added on the second on here, the belt I’d used for the Darth Stark piece so that was easy.

Stark Lord lines 1Darth Stark lines 2

Here you see detail on the sabre hilt and all shading and black added.

Stark Lord colour 1

This is the final as represented on Redbubble, there is another version here at where it’s up for voting. It could do with some votes in fact!
Stark Lord RB

Here’s a couple of different versions I tried but ultimately didn’t like.
Stark Lord Alternate 1Stark Lord alternate 2

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