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Game of Jones

July 26, 2012

Here’s the latest in my installments of Game of Thrones related parody pieces. I don’t know how many more of these I have in me!

This one was really fun though, who doesn’t love Indiana Jones!

Here’s the development. Which started with taking the lines of previous Game of Thrones pieces I’d done and adapting it. Here’s the areas that needed adaptation. I wanted to have direct control of each of these new and old areas, so i did them in different colours in different groups/layers.

Game of Jones lines 1
Next I turn those lines to black and start blocking in colour. I’ve also added in lines for Indy’s artifacts below him. The Grail and the Chachapoyan fertility idol (bet you didn’t know that was the name of it!).

Game of Jones lines/colour start

Here I’ve blocked in full colour all the base colour. As you can see I’ve also lost his satchel bag, imagining its behind him or something, in favor of adding in his artifacts alone.

Game of Jones colour 2

Here’s the start of shading. You can see shadow under his hat of his skin tone and under his neck.

Game of Jones colour 3

Here you see colour added all over and the artifacts too plus I added his third artifact.

Game of Jones colour 4

Then I redid his sword, exported it to photoshop to drop in the Throne background i was using.

Here’s a closeup of the artifacts.
Game of Jones artifact detail
Here’s the final version. Super fun to do Indy, I hope you enjoy.

Game of Jones final


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  1. Mumbo permalink

    Good stuff Nick!

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