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Artist Unlocked feature at Geekshirts HQ

July 24, 2012

Here’s a pretty in depth article I did for the site (a great site run by a great guy by the way).

Artist Unlocked

Here’s an excerpt:

Welcome to a brand new Designer Unlocked Interview, this week we have Nick Heazell aka Firepower.

If you have not checked out Nicks designs before you can check my feature on his Darth Stark t shirt which he launched at Geek ShIrts HQ a few weeks ago and his cool Star Wars inspired t shirt that has also been featured in depth at Geek Shirts HQ.

Nick designs are great, he is always enthusiastic and and what came over in the interview is his passion for design.

When not designing, he plays professional ice hockey for the Calgary Flames by day and works as a Mountie by night.

He told me once, he gets inspiration for his designs whilst playing ice hockey, smashing skulls on ice seems to get his creative process started. Gentle walks in the park do it for me

Hmmm Nick please!! Put down that Hockey stick, no skull smashing today! lets finish this interview.


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