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Tee of the week at Geek Shirts HQ – Feature

July 17, 2012

A feature of my Darth Stark piece at Geek Shirt Head Quarters.

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Tshirt of the week

An excerpt of the interview:

“Welcome to Shirt of the Week, where we only bring you the very best tees that we are impressed with and would like to showcase.

 If you are looking for a great new tee, with a fantastic design, then you will love this week’s shirt of the week, from a new designer we have not featured before. Nick Heazell, AKA Firepower. Not only is this a great new design but Nick has agreed to launch his fantastic new design here at Geek Shirts HQ.
Ever wondered what it would be like to be living in a body suit for your whole life? 
Would you like to sound  similar to a constant heavy breather, so you are banned from making phone calls?
What about being a rich playboy powered by a battery?
Interested in being Boy Scout?
If you answered yes to the questions above apart from the last one, as I can’t help you there. Then read on.
I love the design of this tee and the name. And as I am a big fan of both franchises that Nick has incorporated in his design. As you may have guessed I am really excited about a brand new design launched here at Geek Shirts HQ.
Let Nick tell you more about this great design.
How did you come up with this design?
I often combine franchises in some way to make a spin on a piece. For this one I thought the idea was so glaringly obvious. Tony Stark built his heart ARC device to keep him alive and power himself in his armour but who else has a sort of chest plate regulator and is encased in armour, with power? None other than the Dark Lord himself, Darth Vader.

I made the mistake of calling this a mash up when I held it up for critique. People said there’s enough Vader and too much Iron Man. But it’s not really a mash up; just a fun look at one aspect on a character that would fit in well on another character but it would be a significant enough change to be compelling….or just funny.

And can you imagine the power of this guy now with Sith/Imperial technology!”

Darth Stark


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