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Biggest merger in entertainment deserves a tee!

With the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney (something I’d been actually fearing for a while, but quite recently in fact, came to the conclusion that it would be ok. Not least of which is because of the impressiveness oh how they’ve handled Marvel, or rather been hands off.) …I digress.
As I said, with the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney; for the cheap price of $4billion and change, it conjured up logo images in my head and strange character mash-ups. Regardless of the myriad of ideas it makes, I thought I’d get a tshirt down on paper so to speak. So far I’ve done two, and here they are.

The first of course is a logo treatment, where the Magical Kingdom gets some Tie escort and if you look closely you’ll see a certain death laser dish on the tower!

Disney/Lucas logo

The next up is a take on the slogan “When you wish upon a star…”

Wish upon a station!


Twin Suns – Sun Screen

Here’s an idea I came up with and executed pretty quickly. I’m enjoying these graphic, corporate designs recently. So this is in that area.
Any binary star system with a lot of people on it will tell you of the importance of sun screen protection. This is the best on the Outer Rim!

And Hutt endorsed!


Round two – Ding Ding!

Well my t-shirt won in it’s first fight on I have to say I’m pretty surprised. I heard several people say they liked my adversaries better.
Don’t get me wrong though, I’ll take it!

So up next is my new foe called “Super Breaking Bros.” a mash-up of Mario and Breaking bad. Both popular themes.
So Assemble and help me win! Please spread the word.

Click the image of my tshirt below this one, and see a larger close-up of the piece.

Round two -

Up close Loki/Lost featured at Tshirt Groove

My Tshirt is being featured in the inaugural fight at, as mentioned in my previous post.
The first week was a complete tie! Both shirts sold the same amount. So I live to fight another week!

Here’s a feature about the site and my shirt at tee review site TshirtGroove.

But the thing is you can have a good idea, but if you don’t execute you ain’t got nothin’, which is why I’m so impressed with the site. It looks great. It has a cool countdown clock, and the first ever t-shirt fight is a doozy, because the designs are great. Which one are you going to choose?

They`re also giving out a promo code of tshirtgroove10 to save 10% through the site.
I don`t know if you can combine that with the promo on`s own site of 10% via promo code firsttimefighter, give it a go!

tshirtfight tshirtgroove





Up close Loki/Lost

Tshirt Fight! I’m in one!

Update on my T-shirt fight. It was a tie after the first week so I’m going to continue the fight!

One of my designs is in a fight at and it’s the inaugural fight of the new tshirt company! So I’m pretty pumped.

Up close Loki/Lost

Bill & Dead’s Desolate Adventure!

Here’s my latest piece and it’s one that’s up for voting on Qwertee. My first piece to get on there!

I’m sure many of you grew up with 80’s classic Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, well this is a timely version of that with zombies. What else!

Here’s the development and piece.

Bill & Dead linesBill & Dead detail start

Bill and Dead sketchBill & Dead grey final










Qwertee Bill and Dead





Opinion piece

Ok, I just entered a contest and the results are in. I thought I’d run a quick poll to see if I’m out-to-lunch about the results. So which of these are in your top three of designs?

Have a look at the 16 designs below and let me know which are your faves, and for a guide, here is the brief:

What?: Life, Monopoly, Sorry, Risk, Checkers, Chess, etc, etc, etc. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, get a Clue! And, give us your take on some classic board games (or we suppose you could make up your own game, if you’re extra creative).

Why?: We all love to play. And WIN!


Feature at Piddley Pix – Contest winner!

One of my t-shirts was featured in a story by the great T-shirt site: Geek Shirt HQ and along with that feature they ran a contest.

Soon to become friend of Firepower Tees, Kelly won that shirt and gave it to her husband. None other than @Kev_Brett, another friend of Firepower Tees.

Recently Kelly did a quick feature of this tee on her blog: Piddley Pix. The design was Darth Stark, the Iron Man – Dark Lord piece I did.

Kev_Brett in Darth Stark

Thanks to Geek Shirts HQ for the original feature and the contest!
Thanks to Kelly for winning said contest and for writing about the shirt!

And last but not least, thanks to Kev for modelling the shirt!

Goodjoe Theme 33 “You Win or you Die!”

Here’s a contest I’ve entered at Goodjoe. This is the brief:

Life, Monopoly, Sorry, Risk, Checkers, Chess, etc, etc, etc. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, get a Clue! And, give us your take on some classic board games (or we suppose you could make up your own game, if you’re extra creative).

Here’s my description of my entry:

I started thinking about designs and Game of Thrones came to mind pretty quickly. I mean game is right there in the title. I bandied around ideas of the Monopoly game board with Kings Landing etc. but it wasn’t working. I was looking at the game pieces for Sorry! and the quote “When you play the game of thrones, you win or die!” came to me and it fell into place that it would be funny and intriguing to see game pieces as if they were decapitated and bleeding etc. A nice juxtaposition. Oh and this is also my first submisson to GoodJoe, so be gentle!

And here’s the work I submitted. If you’re a member at Goodjoe, I’d love your help with a vote! (and I reciprocate)

Win or you die tee

Win or you die 2

Double decline humpday! declined both of these designs. Opened up my account and saw the double whammy. Ouch!

Oh well, onward and upward.















Good against a living

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